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I wanna believe..

I wanna believe.. published on No Comments on I wanna believe..


A little 9x9in drawing. *Words stolen from Tom Waits “Make It Rain”

This is a shrew

This is a shrew published on No Comments on This is a shrew

004 shrew1

Here is a little baby Ceylon Jungle Shrew. She lives in (what’s left of) the subtropical and tropical dry forests of Sri Lanka.

Not sure the exact number of how many are left, but we’re certain that they are very endangered. That’s mostly based on our knowledge of how much forest area is left for them to live in and how that space continues to get smaller.

BUT (a glimmer of hope) reading up on deforestation in Sri Lanka- we’ve been taking steps in the right direction in protecting the forests there. We’re still cutting shit down, but the rate at which we are has slightly decreased due to some new laws and establishing some protected areas. Still a lot of chopping down going on though..

They’re pretty cute, eh?

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