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Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight

Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight published on No Comments on Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight


Finished this drawing today for the wonderful William Benton, aka. Cat Casual.
Soon he’ll be making some t-shirts with this design. If anyone is interested in buying one I’ll keep you updated here or you can follow him on the Facebook.

IF YOU like this hand drawn poster-stuff and have a band that’s good- feel free to give me your money. I’ll make you something.

For everything else Cat Casual is doing check it out here- especially if you’re in the Louisville area.

I am a big fan of his radio show on artxfm that’s every Sunday 4-6pm— so I recommend checking that out too. Great tunes to draw to, that’s for sure.

Cat Casual’s Hotel Bohème 
William Benton
A place in the radio waves as an intersection of art and personalities; like the Chelsea Hotel or Beat Hotel- where music, the written word, film, visual art, and eccentric persons all share the same roof and commune. Punk, dada, folk, realism, comedy, autobiographical, political…

Sundays 4 – 6 PM

New Comic: “Art Saves”

New Comic: “Art Saves” published on No Comments on New Comic: “Art Saves”


I have a new comic posted on Hyperallergic today called “Art Saves”

The whole thing was written just so that I had an excuse to draw a super-art-jesus…

Just kidding.

Under Construnktion- sorry!

Under Construnktion- sorry! published on No Comments on Under Construnktion- sorry!

Sorry folks, I’m still working on this ‘ere new website. Soooo many things about it are still incomplete…

But it’s better than nothing, I think.


If you came to check out comics- there’s a handful on the comic page and the whole series can be found on Hyperallergic

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