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So, I have a book now. It’s called, “YOU MIGHT BE AN ARTIST IF…” (published February 1st, 2017, Top Shelf Productions) available wherever comic books are sold.

“Lauren Purje may not know much about art, but she knows… actually, she knows a lotabout art. And art school, and the art world, and

artists. She shows that it’s okay to laugh at art, and more importantly, if you’re an artist, to laugh at yourself.” — Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy and Darth Vader and Son

“Relatable and honest… endlessly endearing… this has the potential to become the go-to book of solace for struggling young artists out there.” — Publishers WeeklyAfter a BFA, solo exhibitions, and working at a New York gallery, Lauren Purje has spent plenty of time in the art world… consider this her cry for help.

You Might Be An Artist If… is an addictive assortment of comics about the ups and downs of life in the arts. Flights of fancy, bitter grumblings, pep-talks, self-doubt, inspiration, procrastination, and more are all captured with a wry and relatable sense of humor.

Capturing the moments that remind us why we take art seriously — but not TOO seriously — Lauren Purje’s comics are a perfect handbook for anyone living the creative life. — a 144-page hardcover graphic novel (black & white interiors), 5.75″ x 8.25



You can see the ongoing series here:

You can also Check out my illustrated series, written by Tiernan Morgan, here:




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